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MSc. Astrid Bunge

Office: OH16_R122
Phone: +49 231 755-6504


Variational Quadratic Shape Functions for Polygons and Polyhedra
Astrid Bunge, Philipp Herholz, Olga Sorkine-Hornung, Mario Botsch, Michael Kazhdan
ACM Transaction on Graphics 41(4), 2022, to appear.
The Diamond Laplace for Polygonal and Polyhedral Meshes
Astrid Bunge, Mario Botsch, Marc Alexa
Computer Graphics Forum 40(5), Proc. Symp. on Geometry Processing, 2021, pp. 217-230.
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Polygon Laplacian Made Simple
Astrid Bunge, Philipp Herholz, Misha Kazhdan, Mario Botsch
Computer Graphics Forum 39(2), (Proc. Eurographics), 2020, pp. 303-313.