Graphics & Geometry Group

News & Announcements

Prof. Botsch and his group have moved from Bielefeld University to TU Dortmund University.

01 Sep 2020

Our paper on smartphone-based avatar reconstruction has been accepted at ACM VRST 2020.

27 Aug 2020

We received our last teaching award in Bielefeld, with a record percentage of 96% of the students in our two courses voting to give us the award 🍾🥂. Thank you very much!

30 Jul 2020

Astrid presented our paper on Polygon Laplacians at Eurographics. Source code is available here.

26 May 2020

We released version 1.2.1 of PMP, our polygon mesh processing library:

10 May 2020

An example of our interactive eLearning slides can be found here.

19 Mar 2020

Mario will give a keynote a Shape Modeling International 2020 in Strasbourg.

07 Feb 2020

Our paper on Polygon Laplacians has been accepted at Eurographics 2020. Source code will be available soon.

03 Feb 2020

We now are trained fire fighters!

24 Jan 2020

We attended a guided tour of the Mensa of Bielefeld University. Guten Appetit!

21 Nov 2019

Martin presented his Fast Projective Skinning at MIG 2019 and published the source code here.

29 Oct 2019

Our work on craniofacial reconstruction made it to the cover of Informatik Spektrum.

15 Oct 2019

🏆 We received the new teaching award for continuously outstanding teaching quality. 🥂 Thanks a lot to all students who voted for us!

11 Jul 2019

Felix successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Hülsmann! 👍🍾

19 Jun 2019

Jascha defended his PhD and turned into DrAchenbach. 🐉Congratulations! 👍🍾

17 Jun 2019

We released version 1.1 of PMP, our polygon mesh processing library:

30 May 2019

🏆Project ViTraS won the DIVR Best Impact Award: ViTraS investigates VR therapy through stimulation of modulated body image. It is a large collaboration of JMU Würzburg (coordinator), Uni Bielefeld, HTW Berlin, FH Gera, TU Munich, TheCaptury & Brainboost.

29 May 2019

🏆 Eduard received a Eurographics PhD Award at Eurographics 2019 in Genova. Congratulations!

06 May 2019

We released the first official version of PMP, our simple, efficient and flexible library for polygon mesh processing:

18 Feb 2019