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The Computer Graphics & Geometry Processing Group is part of the Chair of Computer Graphics at the Department of Computer Science at TU Dortmund University. The group has been established in 2020 and is headed by Prof. Dr. Mario Botsch.

In Computer Graphics, we are interested in real-time visualization of complex scenes and models, e.g., in the context of Virtual Reality. In Geometry Processing, we work on 3D-scanning, mesh optimization, shape deformation, and physics-based dynamic simulation. Please see our research pages and publication list for further details.

Students can find more information about our educational activities in the list of offered courses on the LS7 webpage and announcements of possible thesis topics.

Interactive Shape Deformation

News & Announcements

🏆 Dennis’ nice rendering of our polygon mesh smoothing won the CGF Cover Image Contest 🥂

23 Feb 2024

14 Feb 2024

On February 28 we will organize the “Decker Day” at TU Dortmund. Please see this presentation for more information and register here.

13 Feb 2024

🏆 We received the teaching award Lehrer-Lämpel-Preis for the course “Geometric Modeling” in the summer term 2023. 🥂 Thanks to all students who participated in the evaluation!

13 Dec 2023

🏆 Our paper on learning physics-based facial animations received an honorable mention at ACM MIG 2023 🥂.

17 Nov 2023

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